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Aired OnJul 10 2020Staff Score0
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Ahn Goong-chul is a man in his 40s and happily married to Jung-hae with a son. He has inseparable friends he met in college years. He also excels at work. He might be the very example of the happiest middle-aged man. So, the sudden incident in his life has a profound impact than anybody expects. His old friend is murdered, and he and his wife, along with other friends and their spouses, are suspects. Goong-chul and Jung-hae's relationship gets strained as they can't trust each other. Moreover, the new murder case brings back the old case that Goong-chul and friends got involved over 20 years ago, as well as friends' buried secrets. As his life and relationship is in danger, Goong-chul only wants to protect his family. Can he keep the most precious thing in his hand?