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Aired OnSep 11 2021Staff Score0
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In 1987, a terrorist attacked a train station in Saju and killed a lot of people. Choi Hyung-in, a police detective, also lost his wife that day. After the culprit, Cho Kyung-ho, was arrested, his sister Jung-hyun has raised her niece Jae-young, enduring condemnation and finger-pointing. In 1999, twelve years later, a series of murders happen in Saju, and Jae-young, now a teenager, goes missing. As Hyung-in starts investigation and Jung-hyun desperately goes out to find Jae-young, they recognize that all the cases are connected, even to the horrible crime. Kyung-ho, keeping silent about his crime, finally decides to open his mouth as he hears his daughter is missing.